Who We Are

Artistic blending

Through a wide range of concrete and digital tools, In Fragments directs its creations towards music production, silkscreen printing, photography and video editing.

We intend to gather these artistic disciplines within a common project and develop interactions between sound and pictures.

Autonomy of creation

We defend, in a project of creation, a vision of personal fulfillment. The artistic approach of In Fragments relies on this only principle.

We consider modern creation tools, made accessible thanks to the democratisation of production softwares, as an opportunity to contribute to the emergence of innovative ideas.

Humans first

In Fragments is a small-sized collective, not only by necessity, for a young association with limited means, but also by a shared intention of maintaining a permanent link between all members. The association is based in the west of France and its members located all around France.

Our collaborations with other artists and associations are inclined to enrich our projects and to share our passion for work in common.

Founded in 2010, In Fragments is a French non-profit association of multidisciplinary arts and creation.